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A comparison of external apical root resorption in African -American and Hispanic orthodontic patients.


The purpose of this study was to compare apical root resorption between African-American and Hispanic orthodontic patients, and to analyze patient-related and treatment-related variables. 76 charts were obtained from 1 office, and full-mouth periapical radiographs were used to measure apical root resorption. Results showed that most resorption occurred in the maxillary lateral incisors. Pointed roots exhibited significantly more root resorption, and blunted maxillary central incisors showed less resorption than other shapes. A significant association between pre-treatment overbite and maxillary central incisor root resorption was shown. Adults experienced significantly more maxillary lateral incisor root resoption than adolescents. 4 of the 6 pairs of anterior teeth were more resorbed in African-American patients than in Hispanics, but the difference was not statistically significant.