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Student voice: Bridge to learning.


The focus of this study was to construct a case history of one school's involvement in an international network of schools and universities focused on creating more democratic classrooms and school leadership, the Carpe Vitam Network. This case history documented the school's participation in a series of international and national conferences, their collaboration with other schools and universities in the project and the resulting actions taken in the school. This study also documents in-depth the process and result of a strand of inquiry at the school, student voice. The work on student voice resulted in a series of group interviews with students where they shared their perceptions of quality learning and what teachers do to create quality learning experiences. This research project aims to cast the students in a different role than they have traditionally held in the study school. The principal and school staff were committed to finding active roles for students in the learning of the school at the classroom level. This involved determining ways to actively engage students in a new, more featured role.