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sequence and genome analysis


The application of computational methods to DNA and protein science is a new and exciting development in biology. Bioinformatics: Sequence and Genome Analysis is a comprehensive introduction to this emerging field of study. The book has many unique and valuable features: It is written for any biologist who wants to understand methods of sequence and structure analysis and how the necessary computer programs work; Sequence alignment, structure prediction, phylogenetic and gene prediction, database searching, and genome analysis are clearly explained and amply illustrated; Underlying algorithms and assumptions are clearly explained for the non-specialist; Examples are presented in simple numerical terms rather than complex formulas and notation; Theoretical underpinnings are linked to biological problems and their solutions; Extensive tables provide descriptions and Web sources for a broad range of publicly available software; An associated Website (, accessible free of charge by book purchasers, provides links to Internet sources referred to in the text, as well as problem sets for classroom use, and other useful material not included in the text. Based on the author's extensive experience as a molecular geneticist and bioinformaticist at the University of Arizona, this is a uniquely educational book, ideal as a laboratory reference for investigators and also as teaching reference for graduate and undergraduate students studying this fast-changing discipline.

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