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Tablet machine instrumentation to study tablet compaction and compression of polymer-coated beads into tablets.


This thesis dissertation is comprised of three distinct sections, which are described below: Deformations that affect the vertical punch displacement of a Stokes B2 rotary tablet press were characterized with a cathetometer. The press deformation was found to be elastic for both the upper and lower compression roller assemblies. However, the upper and lower compression roller assemblies have different Hookian spring constants: $8.58 times10 sp4$ and $5.18 times10 sp4$ kN/m for the upper and lower assemblies, respectively. Using two-way ANOVA, the Hookian spring constants were shown to be independent of compaction phases and lower punch penetration setting. To study the influence of press deformation on tablet compaction, the Hookian spring constants were factored into the calculation of the incremental work of compaction for dibasic calcium phosphate dihydrate and microcrystalline cellulose.