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Design of analog fuzzy logic controllers in CMOS technologies

implementation, test, and application


Nowadays, real-time applications of Fuzzy Logic in different domains are being increasingly reported. ASIC-based analog hardware becomes an interesting solution for these kinds of applications because it benefits from: savings on silicon surface and power consumption, readily accomplishment with strict timing constraints and cost-effective production. This book focuses in-depth on the VLSI CMOS implementation and application of programmable analog Fuzzy Logic Controllers following a mixed-signal philosophy. This is to say, signals are processed in the analog domain whereas programmability is achieved by means of standard digital memories. This approach highlights the following crucial aspects: *The comprehensive study and analysis of the main analog fuzzy operators: Fuzzy Membership Functions, T-Norm, T-CoNorm and Defuzzifier circuits. *The study and development of mixed-signal Fuzzy Controllers architectures targeting the requirements for different applications. *The fabrication and test of full-ended demonstrators. *The partial fabrication and test of a prototype corresponding to a real-time Fuzzy Logic application in the field of Signal Processing.