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Databases and Systems


NCBI: integrated data for molecular biology research (K. Sirotkin). HOVERGEN: comparative analysis of homologous vertebrate genes (L. Duret, G. Perrière, M. Gouy). WIT/WIT2: metabolic reconstruction systems (R. Overbeek, N. Larsen, N. Maltsev, G. D. Pusch, E. Selkov). ECOCYC: the resource and the lessons learned (P. D. Karp, M. Riely). KEGG: from genes to biochemical pathways (M. Kanehisa). OMIM: online mendelian inheritance in man (A. F. scott, J. Amberger, B. Brylawski, V. A. Mckusick). GBD: integrating genomic maps (S. Letovsky). HGMD: the human gene mutation database (M. Krawczak, E. V. Ball, P. Stenson, D. N. Cooper). SENSELAB: modeling heterogenous data on the nervous system (P. Nadkarni, J. Mirsky, E. Skoufos, M. Healy, M. Hines, P. Miller, G. Shepherd). The mouse genome database and the gene expression database: genotype to phenotype (J. T. Eppig, J. E. Richardson, J. A. Blake, M. T. davisson, J. A. Kadin, m. Ringwald). The Edinburgh mouse atlas: basic structure and informatics (R. A. Baldock, C. Dubreuil, B. Hill, D. Davidson). FLYBASE: genomic and post-genomic viewpoints. MAIZEDB: the maize genome database (M. Polacco, Ed Coe). AGIS: using the agricultural genome information system (S. M. Beckstrom-Sternberg, D. C. Jamison). CGSC: the E. coli genetic stock center database (M. K. Berlyn). OPM: object-protocol model data management tools 97 (V. M. Markowitz, I-Min A. Chen, A. S. Kosky, E. Szeto). BIOKLEISLI: integrating biomedical data analysis packages 201 (S. B. Davidson, O. P. Buneman, J. Crabtree, Val Tannen, G. Christian Overton, Limsoon Wong). SRS: analyzing and using data from heterogenous textual databanks (P. Carter, T. Coupaye, D. P. Kreil, T. Etzold). Biology workbench: a computing and analysis environment for the biological sciences (R. Unwin, J. fenton, M. Whitsitt, C. Jaminson, M. Stupar, E. Jakobsson, S. Subramaniam). EBI: CORBA and the EBI databases (K. Jungfer, G. Cameron, T. Flores). Biowidgets: reusable visualization components for bioinformatics (J. Crabtree, S. Fischer, M. Gibson, G. C. Overton). ACEDB: the ACE database manager (J. Thierry-Mieg, D. Thierry-Mieg, L. Stein). LABBASE: data and workflow management for large scale biological research (N. Goodman, S. Rozen, L. Stein). Index.

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