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Fluoropolymers 1


The fluorine atom, by virtue of its electronegativity, size and bond strength with carbon, can be used to create compounds with remarkable properties. Small molecules containing fluorine have many positive impacts on everyday life of which blood substitutes, pharmaceuticals and surface modifiers are only a few examples. Fluoropolymers, too, while traditionally associated with extreme high-performance applications have found their way into our homes, our clothing and even our language. Much progress has been made in understanding the sometimes confounding properties of fluoropolymers. Computer simulation is now contributing to this with new fluorine force fields and other parameters, bringing realistic prediction within reach of the practicing physical chemist. Fluoropolymers 1: Synthesis and Fluoropolymers 2: Properties attempt to bring together in one place the chemistry, physics and engineering properties of fluoropolymers. The collection was intended to provide balance between breadth and depth, with contributions ranging from the introduction of fluoropolymer structure-property relationships, to reviews of subfields, to more focused topical reports.