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Children of immigrants

health, adjustment, and public assistance


Children of immigrants : health, adjustment, and public assistance / Donald J. Hernandez -- Socioeconomic and demographic risk factors and resources among children in immigrant and native-born families : 1910, 1960, and 1990 / Donald J. Hernandez and Katherine Darke -- Access to health insurance and health care for children in immigrant families / E. Richard Brown, Roberta Wyn, Hongjian Yu, Abel Valenzuela, and Liane Dong -- The health and nutritional status of immigrant Hispanic children : analyses of the Hispanic health and nutrition examination survey / Fernando S. Mendoza and Lori Beth Dixon -- Immigration and infant health : birth outcomes of immigrant and native women / Nancy S. Landale, R.S. Oropesa, and Bridget K. Gorman -- The health status and risk behaviors of adolescents in immigrant families / Kathleen Mullan Harris -- Educational profile of 3- to 8-year-old children of immigrants / Christine Winquist Nord and James A. Griffin -- Psychological well-being and educational achievement among immigran.