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Harrison's Manual of Medicine


WHY CARRY ANYTHING ELSE? The ONLY Pocket Manual That Includes ALL The Information You Need – And More! *Therapeutics *Signs & Symptoms *Differential Diagnosis *Pathophysiology *Clinical Manifestations *Lab Findings *Concise Practice Guidelines *Handy charts, tables, and algorithms *Evidence-based summaries for significant conditions such as heart failure *The authority of Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine, 15/e Referenced to the world’s best-selling internal medicine textbook, this handy reference provides on-the-spot answers to the problems you face daily. It's perfect for students and clinicians on the wards, in clinics, emergency rooms, or teaching situations When less is more, and time is short, turn to the Harrison’s Manual of Medicine. Rigorously reviewed and written by international authorities. Editors: *Eugene Braunwald, MD *Anthony S. Fauci, MD *Dennis L. Kasper, MD *Stephen L. Hauser, MD *Dan L. Longo, MD *J. Larry Jameson, MD

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