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Cybercrime : key issues and debates / Alisdair A. Gillespie.

key issues and debates



Cybercrime is a significant emerging area of both teaching and research in academic law. As technology develops, so do new opportunities for that technology to be exploited by criminals and as a result Cybercrime is increasingly recognised as a distinct branch of criminal law and the subject of specific courses and modules within wider Information Technology law programmes. This book is designed to support teaching in this fast paced area, offering a critical, thematic overview that provides students with an introduction to the subject that shows connections between topics clearly and highlights areas of debate. Written with an emphasis on the law in the UK and Europe, and considering in detail the Council of Europe's important Convention on Cybercrime, this text also critically discusses the jurisdictional aspects of Cybercrime in international law. Themes discussed include crimes against computers, property, offensive content, and offences against the person, and recent controversial areas such as cyberterrorism, harassment and sexual offences are explored. Clear, concise and critical, this text offers a valuable overview of this fast-paced and growing area of law.