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Direct Methane to Methanol

Foundations and Prospects of the Process

Subject Methanol -- Synthesis.


Direct Methane to Methanol: Foundations and Prospects of the Process offers a state-of-the-art account of one of the most interesting and potentially commercial technologies for direct conversion of natural gas into valuable chemicals. The book thoroughly explains the complex and unusual chemistry of the process, as well as possible applications for direct methane to methanol (DMTM). It covers topics involving thermokinetics, pressure, direct oxidation of heavier alkanes, and more, and provides detailed appendices with experimental data and product yields. This book provides all those who work in the field of gas processing and gas chemistry with the theory and experimental data to develop and apply new processes based on direct oxidation of natural gas. All those who deal with oil and natural gas production and processing will learn about this promising technology for the conversion of gas into more valuable chemicals. Reviews more than 350 publications on high-pressure, low-temperature oxidation of methane and other gas phase hydrocarbons Contains rare material available for the first time in English Explains the reasons of previous failure and outlines the way forward for commercial development of the conversion technology Presents a deep theoretical knowledge of this complex conversion process

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