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Key Chiral Auxiliary Applications

Subject Asymmetric synthesis.


The Compendium is a detailed compilation of chiral auxiliaries which are used in the field of organic chemistry to direct "asymmetric synthesis". A molecule is called chiral because it can have two "enantiomers" -- like left and right-handed molecules. An enantiomer is either of two molecules of the same chemical composition that are mirror images of each other but not identical. A "chiral auxiliary" is an aid / auxiliary used to specifically produce either the left or right enantiomer of the chosen molecule, as desired. In this comprehesive reference source, industrial chemists can make informed selections of an auxiliary for a specific application. It is fully cross-referenced to enable the comparative selection of auxiliaries. The work includes over 13,000 auxiliary reaction applications with complete reaction details of the synthetic routes, reagents, and primary literature references. Key Features * This remarkable major reference work is the first such compilation and represents the only total source for the diverse applications of auxiliaries * Thoroughly cross-referenced to enable comparative

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