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The Bioterrorism Sourcebook

Subject Bioterrorism


The Bioterrorism Sourcebook Michael R. Grey, MD, MPH Kenneth R. Spaeth, MD, MPH This unique illustrated text helps health care personnel provide expert, expeditious care to victims of biological, chemical, nuclear, or radiologic events. Emphasizing tools for differentiating and treating conditions caused by biological and chemical agents, The Bioterrorism Sourcebook is the only one-stop source of step-by-step clinical guidance on diagnosis and treatment of bioterrorism-related conditions. Concise and results-oriented, this resource features: • Illustrations, charts, and synopses for fast categorization and identification of biological and chemical agents • Tables of clinical manifestations that may result from contact with bioterror substances • "Key Diagnostic Criteria" for all major biological, chemical, and nuclear agents • Essential findings for diagnosis • Pathogenesis of major biological weapons • Mechanisms of cellular and systemic injury • Information on means of transmission, modes of dispersal, and methods of exposure • Risks for secondary infections and contamination • Essential historical background on prior attacks and health care responses • Discussion of use of the clinical setting in diagnosis Presenting actual patient management strategies for victims of biological, chemical, and nuclear agents, The Bioterrorism Sourcebook is the one essential text for a time we must prepare for—and hope never comes. Visit

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