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Crop Physiology

Applications for Genetic Improvement and Agronomy

Subject Crops -- Physiology.


Contemporary agriculture confronts the challenge of increasing demand in terms of quantitative and qualitative production targets. These targets have to be achieved against the background of soil and water scarcity, world-wide and regional shifts in the patterns of land use driven by both climate change and the need to develop crop-based sources of energy, and the environmental and social aspects of agricultural sustainability. Hence, this book compiles a multi-authored perspective on the ways in which crop physiology could be integrated with other disciplines. With a focus on genetic improvement and agronomy, this book addresses the challenges of environmentally sound production of bulk and quality food, fodder, fibre and energy which will be faced over the next decade. * Provides a view of crop physiology as an active source of methods, theories, ideas and tools for application in genetic improvement and agronomy * Written by leading scientists from around the world with publication records of demonstrable influence and impact * Combines environment-specific cropping systems and general principles of crop science to appeal to advanced students, and scientists in agriculture-related disciplines, from molecular sciences to natural resources management

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