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Architecture Design Notebook

Subject Aerosols -- Toxicology.


Architecture Design Notebook focuses on the process of design as pragmatic and non-theoretical. Dealing systematically with the core design curriculum, it clearly demonstrates the skills required for designing at undergraduate level. Providing students with fundamental maxims of design, and a framework within which they can approach their work, this book supports undergraduates as they learn to produce solutions to design challenges. This vital design companion underpins the cornerstone of an architectural undergraduates' studies - studio design projects. With over 100 sketches included, the book inspires student's design ideas. This updated edition includes new sections on green architecture, urban space typology, and the virtual building. A. Peter Fawcett is an architect and critic who combines teaching with sporadic practice; he is currently Professor Emeritus of Architecture at the University of Nottingham and visiting Professor at the University of Lincoln. In recent years his work has been placed in architectural competitions and has been hung at the Royal Academy and Royal Ulster Academy. * Covers information from the core design curriculum in one comprehensive guide. * Over 100 sketches provide ideal inspiration for studio design projects. * Designed for student-centered learning, the new edition includes "green" design and an introduction to urban design techniques.

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