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The Economic Analysis of Public Policy

Subject Policy sciences -- Economic aspects.


A critical analysis of public policy decisions requires a far greater depth of knowledge than one receives from news reports and political speeches. Issues such as how best to reduce traffic congestion, reduce acid rain, improve airline safety or develop a parcel of land are better understood by organizing, measuring and weighing the effects of alternative policies. William K. Bellinger's new text book is an ideal introduction to benefit-cost analysis, the economics of efficiency, risk analysis and present value discounting for those with only a modest background in mathematics and economics. Bellinger presents the key concepts for analyzing public policy with frequent problems, discussion questions and case studies throughout the book. Placing a great emphasis on teaching as well as sharing knowledge, this book encourages its readers to both understand and apply each concept and learn to appreciate policy analysis as part of an interdisciplinary, analytical and political process that can lead to better government policy decisions. This book is an ideal teaching tool for undergraduate and Master's students engaged in Public Administration, Public Economics, and Public Policy.

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