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A to Z is a tool to facilitate using of an online journal. The tool can be used for searching for English journal title, which has a service via database and the online journal, that Chiang Mai University Library is a member by using an important word from the journal or checking a name list according to a letter, respectively, or a journal subject, which is connecting to the data base, which has a journal name in order to quickly access to full text.
E-database for journal of pediatrics section of American Academy of Pediatrics provides full text of the journals for 5 names:- Pediatrics, Pediatrics in Review, NeoReview, AAP Grand Rounds and AAP News. Full text has been received since 1990 until the presen
The Gale Academic OneFile database covers interdisciplinary fields. Provide full-text journals for more than 9,000 titles, display in HTML format, download files in PDF, HTML and MP3 format, and can export data to Google Drive and OneDrive.
Databases for e-journals of multi disciplinary cover details for Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Engineering, Ethnic and Cultural Study, Geography, Law, Materials Science, Mathematics, Music, Pharmacology, Physics, Psychology, Religion and Theology, Veterinary Science, Women’s Studies, Animal Science, and other departments. The database covers full text journals for more than 8,500 titles since 1887.
Database of e-journal of multi-disciplinary for computer science and information technology from Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) consists of documents from journals and magazines, documents related to the meeting and information including full-text journals for 400 titles during 1985 and the present subscribed by Office of the Higher Education Commission.
Databases for e-journals of Chemistry and Science of American Chemical Society consist of full text journals for 34 titles with data during 1996 and the present subscribed by Office of the Higher Education Commission.
Database for e-journal of multi-section/field consists of full text journals for 33 titles. The data base can be used for searching for data and being able to use full text of the journal back from 2016 - present.
Database for Asian Development Bank provides data of Economic system and development for Asia and Pacific region (Donation by the World Bank).
ASME Journals provide essential resources for engineers looking to keep abreast of the latest research, current theory, practice, and application. Available from now - November 14, 2020


Empirical database for Medical Science compiles research data, manual, suggestion from and expert of each section to support decision making for judgment, cure, disease forecast and caring for correct and quick prevention of disease with reference document for checking or additional knowledge during 1997 and the present.
E-journal for Medical Science includes several specific fields such as Neurology, Pathology, Emergency, Rheumatology etc. The full test journals have 23 titles from 1997 until the present.
Database of e-books for Medical Science have 75 e-book titles with data since 1998. Faculty of Medical Science subscribed and owns these e-books.
Database from e-books include information from administrative and business management, marketing strategy, business planning, investment in a small business, band-building up strategy, social network strategy, and human resource management. The e-books have the books for sale for 50 items (Hard-copy issues are available at a library of the Faculty of Business Administration).
Business Source Ultimate The academic database of business consists of academic journals related to the world's leading businesses in every branch of the business. Including marketing, management, information systems, marketing principles, accounting, index data and abstracts dating back to 1886, with more than 3,500 full journals.


The database of electronic books (e-Books) disciplines of the publisher Cambridge University Press.
Databases of e-journals for Science and Technology and Health Science from Cambridge University press consist of full-text journals for 198 titles with data during 2013 present.
Database of e-journal for Nursing provided by EBSCO consists of 770 titles for full-text journals with data during 1937 and the present. Faculty of Nursing and the Main Library are responsible for the expenses.
The database of electronic books and journals from Elsevier Publisher. We have journals full text more than 500 titles and books more than 900 copies.
The Database of Nursing from Elsevier Publisher. We have journals full text more than 60 titles (full-text journals with data during 2007- and the present) e-books more than 90 copies and have useful information in nursing include drug database, patient education, clinical trial & clinical update, practice guidelines and procedure video. Faculty of Nursing are responsible for the expenses.
CMU Library
E-book database of Chiang Mai University Press. There are 91 books in Thai and foreign languages. (Manual)
The job scope covers research and development in Computer Science and Applied Science. CASC has arranged index and abstract for academic journal and printed matter by professional and other references etc from diverse resources for more than 2,000 items with documents and full-text journals for more than 1,000 titles.


Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source E-database of Dentistry can be downloaded for full-text documents for 208 titles.
The most well-known and established Open Access academic journals spanning various disciplines more than 10,000 titles and 5,000,000 articles.


Electronic magazine 12 titles in Amarin Publishing. Available at Central Library and library of faculty.
A database of over 600 electronic books from the Harvard Business Review Press, covering business, leadership, management strategic planning, organizational behavior, human resource management, finance, economics.
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Databases of e-books (original NetLibrary), subscribed by Office of the Higher Education Commission, can be readable for full-text books in PDF for each person or Download the full text for reading as offline for 7 days per each time.
EBSCO Open Dissertations™ Over 500,000 theses of 25 world-class universities.
E-databases cover Economics, Econometric, Marketing, Finance, Environmental Economics, Labour Economics, Theory of Money etc. The databases include the journals of American Economic Association such as American Economic Review, Journal of Economic Literature, and Journal of Economic Perspectives with full-text articles for more than 600 titles. In addition, the databases also include books, books including stories, book review and academic report. Faculty of Economics is responsible for expenses.
Database of journals covering accounting fields Finance, Marketing and Economics, Business Administration and Strategy, Human Resource Management and Organization Administration, Information Technology Management, Transportation management, Real estate management, Public and Environmental, Policy Tourism and Hospitality Management, Education, Public health engineering and Librarian from 309 journals, the number of full articles not less than 200,000 articles, providing information from 1994 - present.
E-database of management programs for bibliography can be systematically managed and stored for bibliographic items or reference items. The programs can be made for personal as data group and having various bibliography for more than 3,300 formats when being registered a network and being able to use a password for other places.


Online magazine which compiled a list of more than 1,000 magazines. Can be used on the website or read through application: Flipster-Digital Magazines. This application is valid until August 17, 2021.
A tool for searching information in the journal articles and the fulltext.


Gale eBooks English electronic book database. Gale eBooks cover all subject areas. Can listen to content And download audio files in MP3 format. Can read content in HTML and PDF format (ฺ Book View). Translate content into Thai. Connect accounts with Google Drive and One Drive.
The platform provides Full-text and PDF formats and also the smart features for example; Highlight and annotation, Printable, Emailing service, Downloadable in PDF and HTML format.
Reference databases for directory of finance statistics of developing countries from the World Bank provide debt data and monetary circulation of 138 countries. In addition, the databases provide data for direct investment from abroad (donated by the World Bank).
E-databases for Global Economy of the World Bank (donated by the World Bank).


HeinOnline A database separate legal categories. User can be searched Legal Cases in back since the first edition. There are over 1,250 journal titles provide a full text.


E-databases for Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Electronics cover printed materials, journals, magazines, progressed reports, meeting documents, and news of The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). The databases cover full-text journals for 172 titles with data during 1988 and the present. The Higher Education Commission is responsible for all expenses.
The database of electronic books (e-Books) from publishers around the world, covering disciplines can print, copy, download, and translated into over 40 languages.
Database used to analyze data from the research papers published worldwide. Compare and detailed research articles in various dimensions. Both specialize in each field Each university in the country and abroad. Databases used to analyze data from the research papers published worldwide. Compare the number of research articles in various dimensions and details of each of the respective fields of expertise both nationally and internationally.
Databases for e-journals cover fields various fields including Medicine and Pharmacy. The databases provide data documents for full-text journals for 187 titles and can be searched from Volume 1 until the present.
Databases for e-books cover Social-Politics and Governance, Economy, Law and other fields of South East Asian countries and can be translated to other languages. รายชื่อหนังสือ จำนวน 31 รายการ Book titles for 31 items.


Databases of e-journals for Medicine of American Medical Association Press with full-text journals for JAMA and Archives for 10 titles during 1998 and the present.
The database used to evaluate a journal with the evaluation criteria of reference of academic journals published worldwide. Separate sciences and social sciences provides data for use in various journals.
E-databases that combine retrospected archiveS for more than 130 years. Physics World Archive: combines databases of all articles that have been published since 1988 with preprints for more than 500,000 copies from e printweb.org ProQuest Dissertations Theses Help and information.
Databases of e-journals than have been retrospected for Finance, Labor Relationship (Relationship between Employer and Employee about Right and Duty), Marketing management and Risk Enactment of JSTOR Press with full-text journals for 47 titles. Faculty of Engineering is responsible for all expenses.
Databases of e-journals that have been retrospected for Mathematics and Statistics of JSTOR Press with full-text journals for 50 titles. Faculty of Engineering is responsible for all expenses.


The database covers the medicine journal more than 80 titles and related content with an emphasis on treatment and research.


Database of Pharmacy, Medicine, Nursing and other disciplines, involved in the health sciences. It covers the areas of use of medicine, treatment, medical calculations. Collecting data from more than 100 countries
Databases for e-databases cover Medicine, Nurse and Biological Science provide full-text journals of Medicine for more than 280 titles during 1996 and the present. Users are able to work for 20 persons each time and not more than 3 persons per each journal.


E-databases of bibliography and critique for Mathematics cover critique-printing materials (reviews) of American Mathematics Society with data during 1940 and the present. The main library is responsible for all expenses.
Matichon e-Library Databases of e-news clipping of newspaper from Mathichon Press cover newspapers for 4 titles that propagandize in Thailand with data during 1997 and the present. The main library is responsible for all expenses. User name: cmu และ Password : cmu manual
Databases of e-books for Basic Science and Clinical Sciences for more than 50 clas. In addition, the databases include Multimedia, Repository, USMLEasy Lite, Medicinal Plant Information Center, Guidelines and Case files for training and accurate application of Clinic and including question and answer, conclusion and main points to be considered when curing patients.
Database for studies in linguistics, literature, rhetoric, writing, film, arts, theater and other related fields. It contains over 1,000 full-text journals, bibliographies dating back to 1920, and a detailed list of over 2.9 million bibliographic references.
Databases of e-books for Law that leading universities in Law in the USA provide services of e-books for 43 items. Look at book titles


Databases of e-journals in Science with Nature title from Nature Publishing Group Press have data during 2016 -present.
Databases of e-journals for Medicine from Nature Publishing Group Press consist of journals having full-text documents for 5 titles during 2007 and the present (Journal titles: British Journal of Cancer - Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics - Journal of Investigative Dermatology - Kidney international - Spinal Cord).
Online news service covering local and international news sources and information. Including print media, online media and supplementary information from organizations and agencies such as Financial institutions, Government agencies, State enterprises and others. Able to search both Thai languages and English, support historical information query with a variety of ready-to-use functions. User can use the university email @cmu to access.


Databases for e-journals including Medicine provide full-text documents of journals for 73 titles and can be searched for journal articles during 1996 and the present.
Oxford Scholarship Online Electronic book database from Oxford University Press.


Business database with high reliability. The information presented to the through analysis and synthesis and then systematically. Basic information can be used to analyze the strategic plan and marketing plan presenting information based on the principles of good business environment.
PressReader an electronic newspaper database virtual current issue past 60 days, 2,200 titles from 97 countries in 54 languages ​​can be searched via voice reading the new translation services, and news alerts. To use the network can Username: cmu.th@library.pressdisplay.com and Password: welcome, or if you want to use your mobile phone. You can use it to load. AppStore / Google Play and search for Application Name PressReader.
Databases of e-journals for Social Science and Humanities of Johns Hopkins University Press consist of full-text journals at least 600 full-text journals with data during 1995- present.
E-databases of dissertations and theses in full texts since 1997 for not less than 1.1 million items and thesis abstracts for not less than 2.4 million items. Office of the Higher Education Commission is responsible for all expenses.
Databases of e-books for Law, Political Science and Political and Administrative Science, and Mass Communication.
Database comprehensive major Medical clinic, Health Science over 1,300 journal titles from the full information about 1,100.
The database is a collection of articles in medical journals and related matters from over 21 million MEDLINE.


Databases of e-journals for Science Technology and Health Science of American Association for the Advancement of Science have full-text journal for 1 title-Science-which has Impact Factor in 2019 up to 41.846 with usage data during 1997-present.
Databases of e-journals for Interdisciplinary Fields of Elsevier B.V. Company during 1995 and the present. Office of the Higher Education Commission is responsible for all expenses.
Databases of e-books for fields of Agriculture, Biology, Environmental Science and Psychology by Elsevier B.V. Company have provided data during 1996 and the present. The main library is responsible for all expenses.
SciFinder-n The databases, portals or search tools to access the world’s collection of chemical substances, chemical reactions, and literature references from international academic journals and patents in chemistry, biochemistry, and related fields. The databases cover at least 12,000 academic journals, at least 155 million organic and inorganic substances, at least 117 million single- and multi-step reactions from journals and patents, at least 63 Patent authorities, at least 10 million full-text and indexed patents from 31 major patent offices. Also covers full-text and indexed patents in both English and non-English languages. คลิกที่นี่เพื่อสมัครสมาชิก
A web-based analytics solution with unparalleled power and flexibility that provides comprehensive access to the research performance of over 20,000 research institutions and their associated researchers from 230 nations worldwide. SciVal allows you to visualize your research performance, benchmark relative to peers, develop strategic partnerships, identify and analyze new, emerging research trends, and create uniquely tailored reports.
E-databases of indexes and abstracts of Science, Medicine and Social Science of Elsevier B.V. Press have 15,000 titles for not less than 29 million registers with data during 1960 and the present. The main library is responsible for all expenses.
Databases of e-books cover fields of Science and Medical Technology of Springer Link Press, subscribed by Office of the Higher Education Commission, have e-books for 1,359 title and this amount is duplicated to e-books that Chiang Mai Universities already purchased for 3,241 titles and being able to search for data during 1994 and 2007.
Databases of e-journals for Science and Technology and Health Science of Springer Verlag Press have full-text journals for 1,130 titles with data during 1997 and the present. The Higher Education Commission is responsible for all expenses.


Databases of e-journals for Interdisciplinary fields of Taylor & Francis Press have 1,100 titles with data during 1996 and the present. The main library is responsible for all expenses.
The database of electronic books (e-Books) about food science and technology.
Testing and Education Reference Center (TERC) The database for exam preparation and test is sequenced from high school, college, career, international and international, as well as tests like TOEFL, TOEIC, GRE, GMAT, SAT,AP, NCLEX, PRAXIS. You can choose from templates and in the field of educational counseling, users can find institutions, including details such as recommendations for listing institutions, scholarships, etc. Available now - 30 Sep 2017.
Thai Journal Online (ThaiJo) The central electronic journal database of Thailand. A collection of academic journals produced in Thailand in all disciplines by providing free access.
E-databases for Medical Review in systema0tic and high quality. The Databases are collected and token care of by The Cochrane Collaboration, which is an international independent entity, provides data in a full-text article and bibliography with abstract according to sub-database characters, which have 8 databases with more than 470,000 articles.
The New England Journal of Medicine is weekly journal in general Medicine. This journal is a research document in Medicine and review article.
Databases of full-text e-books consist of books, reports, other documents for more than 1,800 titles and research documents for more than 2,600 titles. A service has been provided since June 2003 with a collaboration of Ingenta, which had created portal for Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (SourceOECD) for several years ago (donated by the World Bank).
Turnitin E-databases of various formats for printed materials including Internet Webpages, Publications (books, journals, newspapers) and Student Papers for plagiarism detection, checking and providing online grading for each work/project and peer review. An user is able to create account by connecting to obtain Account ID and join password of each institute/section from Information Services Section, Chiang Mai University Library. Request Form


Smart Phone can be used on all systems by the application of that system.
University Press Scholarship Online Electronic book database from publishing universities around the world.
Empirical e-databases for Medicine consists of specifically clinical articles for 16 fields for about 8,000 articles collected by specialized experts for more than 300 persons. A service has been provided since 1989 and consisting of content and reference number. A user is able to reach any document immediately and being able to find a full-text article or an abstract according to database character that is linked to.


Databases of Bibliography and Abstract for fields of Science, Social Science and Humanities cover printed materials, journals, books, meeting reports, research works, patents and standards with data for 9,200 titles for not less than 1.1 million registers. The data can be used during 2001 and the present. Office of the Higher Education Commission is responsible for all expenses.
Wiley digital textbook collection contain industry-leading content covering in-demand topics to ensure educators and learners have the tools to be successful in their field. Partnering expert authors and professional organizations across community, users have access to the most current industry information from reliable, trusted source. Available to March 31, 2021.
Databases of e-journals in Agriculture, Mathematics, Statistics, Science and Technology, Health Science, Medicine, Law, Finance, Accounting, Business, Economics, Humanities, Social Science and Art of Wiley Press have full-text journals for 750 titles and the data can be used during 1997 and the present. The main library is responsible for all expenses.
The multidisciplinary e-Books database of the publisher John Wiley & Sons provides full text of the book in PDF and HTML format.
Knowledgebase sources in the global economy from other countries for more than 220 countries provide data for Social, Economy, Finance, Statistics and Index for Development for more than 737 lists during 1960 and 2006, and was donated by the World Bank.

Tools for managing knowledge of the law. It is also facilitated for students to record the knowledge gained from the study.