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The arched gate to Ladda Land, Chiang Mai, 1969.
Boonserm Satrabhaya
Ladda Land; Chiang Mai

Ladda Land was a recreational park for Chiang Mai residents during the 20th Century. The private property of Ms. Ladda Phanthapha, was a green and shady park that was not too far from the city. Chiang Mai at that time had no other recreational parks. Therefore, on all weekends and holidays the park was crowded with families that came with their children for a picnic. Moreover, the park had lots of activities for people of all ages. It had the largest flower ad orchid garden in the Northern region. Elephant rides and mini-train tours around the park were available. Cultural shows were great and a sales attraction of the park was their makieang (a local red berry) fruit juice. The park was the first to produce it commercially. Furthermore, Ladda Land was used as the site to film the movie “Ngiew Rai”. Though Ladda Land is closed now, the garden still exists but it has been abandoned and is filled with untrimmed trees and shrubs. A rumor about the garden being haunted makes people afraid to go there. Only those who would like to experience spirits would dare to enter the place. However, there is no evidence that anyone actually found a ghost there. Some people say that the story was made up by some drug addicts who wanted to keep other people away. Anyway, since the construction of the 700 year stadium and completion of the six-lane Highway along the canal, people have started to move in and re-develop the area though the park is still abandoned. Meanwhile, the rumors about ghosts have slowly disappeared.
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:: Picture Lanna :: ภาพล้านนาในอดีต :: คุณบุญเสริม สาตราภัย
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