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               Besides being a photographer who recorded Lanna History in photographs, Boonserm Satrabhaya has also written books and essays telling the stories of his time until the present.
Boonserm Satrabhaya. (1977). Adit Lanna (Lanna Past).
               Bangkok: Rueang Silp.

               The book Adit Lanna is a historical documentary photo book told by Boonserm Satrabhaya and Sangkhit Chanthanaphot. The photos in the book were works by Luang Anusan Sunthorn, together with Mr. M. Takano, Mr. Hatano and other anonymous photographers whom the locals of Chiang Mai call Pu Klong or camera nerds. They were the founders of Chiang Mai photographic society. The contents were grouped into 6 topics: Nobles, communication, places, traditions, art and miscellaneous.
Boonserm Satrabhaya. (1979). Lanna Thai Nai Adit
               (Lanna Thai in the Past).
Chiang Mai: Chang
               Phueak Publishing.

               Lanna Thai in the Past is a collection of Boonserms photos and documentary writings about the history of several provinces in Lanna comprising Chiang Mai, Lampang and Lamphun. The contents are related to the art from historic sites and objects, H.M. King Pradjadhipoks and H.M. Queen Rambhai Bharnis visit to Chiang Mai and other significant events concerning Chao Dara Rasami. Besides these are photos of Khun Tan Cave, Nawarat Bridge, government offices, city gates and roads etc.
Boonserm Satrabhaya. (1980). Srimo Khon Chiang Mai
               Khon Raek Thi Pai America (Srimo the First Man
               of Chiang Mai in America).
Chiang Mai: Pong

               This book about Srimo is a collection of 24 letters that Srimo Wichai, a 21 year-old young man, wrote to his parents telling about his journey to America to study in 1889. The language in the letters contained some long-out-dated dialectual terms that arent used anymore nowadays. They were written in beautiful language and full of imagination describing how the trip was and what the places along the way looked like. Historical background was included as well, along with some economic background of Americans at the time. This information is useful for the younger generations to study in terms of linguistics, geography and history.
Boonserm Satrabhaya. (1989). Sadet Lanna
               (Royal Visit to Lanna)
vol. 1 and 2.
               Bangkok: Aksara Bhibhat.

               Sadet Lanna vol. 1 is a photo journal of HRH Crown Prince Mahavajiravudhs visit to the north (Payap region) in 1905. Some parts of the royal composition from the book Lilit Payap was quoted to explain some of HRHs visits to Phrae, Lampang, Phayao, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai provinces. The book also contained the pictures and stories of Chao Dara Rasamis first return visit to Chiang Mai in 1908.
               Sadet Lanna vol. 2 contains the eventful visit through the Northern region of H.M. King Pradjadhipok and H.M Queen Rambhai Bharni in 1926 and the first visit to the north of H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej and H.M. Queen Sirikit from February 27 to March 18, 1958, in which Boonserm Satrabhaya followed their majesties voyage in the royal train trip to Phitsanulok. He was the only northerner to go on that trip to take photos of the visit.
Boonserm Satrabhaya. (2003). Chiang Mai Kap Phai Thang
               Akat (Chiang Mai and air threats).
Bangkok: Sai

               Chiang Mai and the air threat is a photo collection of the first airborne of WWII to land on Chiang Mai Airport and other flights that landed in Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son and Mae Sariang during the same period. Others found in the book are photos and stories about The Great East Asia War and the development of aircraft technology of the time.
Boonserm Satrabhaya. (2007). LannaMuea Tawa
Chiang Mai: Book Worm.

               The book is a collection of historical events in Chiang Mai and some other provinces of the North along with some description. The photos presented were taken by Boonserm, Mr. M. Tanaka and others. The author have given an interesting background to the photos adding more fun to those browsing through the photos and reading Boonserm Satrabhayas autobiography.
Chiang Mai Muea Wan Wan (Chiang Mai Then &
               Now). (1992). Chiang Mai: Chiang Mai
               Provincial office in collaboration with the
               Chiang Mai University Library and Art and
               The Center of Promotion of Arts and
               Culture, Chiang Mai University.

               Chiang Mai Then & Now was published as part of the exhibition Chiang Mai Muea Wan Wan. It shows the past scenes of Chiang Mai in comparison with the present scenes to see clearly the change of Chiang Mai City. Besides the photos of trade areas, temples, historical sites e.g. the readers will get to see the reflection of the old culture and traditions as well as events and concrete evidence of the social and economic development.

     1960-1970 Khon Mueang Newspaper
     1971-1982 Thai News Newspaper
     1993 The Thai News Newspaper re-published his column Lao Rueang Mueang Chiang Mai (about Chiang Mai) under the name Photo Collections of the Old City.
               Now, at the age of over 80-years-old, Boonserm Satrabhaya still continues his life long task of presenting the history of Lanna in the Northern Citizen news magazine..
               These titles (epithets) about him being the historical photographer of Lanna, the Lanna past keeper, the pioneer to the mystic ethnics in Lanna (yellow leaf tribe), the recorder of Lanna history through photos and the lanna story teller through photography are considered praises to his life long works of Lanna photography.
               It can be said that Boonserm Satrabhaya himself is an historical person important to Chiang Mai And Lanna for his vision in using his skills and efforts to capture the interesting moments of Lanna history and presenting and publicizing them to the world. His work has been a valuable gem to the northern academic circle, providing resources for people to study and conduct research and for the younger generations to learn about the past of their homeland. This will implant love, pride and a feeling of ownership to the heart of the young people in the land of Lanna.

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Boonserm Satrabhaya. (2008). Personal communication, July 11.

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Boonserm Satrabhaya: mai khoei luem (Never forgot). Mlabri rue chon phao tong luang (Mlabri or
               the yellow leaf tribe) (2008). Retrieved July 10, 2008, from

Idea Lanna. (2008). Boonserm Satrabhaya phu banthuk phap prawatsat Lanna (Boonserm
               Satrabhaya the historical photo recorder of Lanna).
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Lok Lanna (Lanna World). (2008). Boonserm Satrabhaya. Bukkhon thang wattanathan (Cultural
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Lung Boonserm Satrabhaya khon kep adit Lanna (Uncle Boonserm Satrabhaya the recorder of
               Lanna past).
(2008). Retrieved July 10, 2008, from
  The Working Group on Living Library Project
  For a Learning Society, the Northern Information Dissemination Section
  July, 2008
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