Faculty of Agriculture Library Chiang Mai University

Book Reservation

If a document from library system , that you would like to borrow,  is already borrowed.
This process can be done by asking a staff at a circulation counter to manage or to submit a reservation form on your behalf.

yesReservation by a library staff:

  • The library staff will make a reservation for you and he/she will inform you of the date to receive a document (by looking at a due date of a former borrower).

yesSubmission of a reservation:

  •  which can be accessed from any location. you can contact the staff at  the circulation counter to receive the item (s).

yesReceiving the reserved items:

  • The reserved document will be kept at the reservation shelf of the circulation counter  for 5 days. 
  • If you are not able to pick up the book the library will provide a service to the other or move the reserve book to a general shelf.
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