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Clinician's Handbook of Adult Behavioral Assessment

Subject Behavioral assessment -- Handbooks, manuals, etc.


Behavioral assessment is standard practice in clinical psychology as part of the diagnosis and in determining an appropriate therapy for each patient. Given the vast amount of research performed in this field yearly, it is difficult for clinicians to keep abreast of new developments. In recent years in particular, there have been advances in case conceptualization, treatment planning, treatment strategies appropriate across disorders, computerized assessment, virtual reality techniques, and considerations of new ethical and legal issues. Former handbooks in the area have grown out of date, and/or refer to a limited number of disorders. They may also err on the side of being too theoretical and research focused for the hands on practical needs of therapists in practice, or offer clinical advice without providing the theoretical and research basis for offering that advice. Clinician's Handbook of Adult Behavioral Assessment fills the gap in the literature, providing a snapshot summary of what every clinician needs to know about behavioral assessment. Introductory chapters will place behavioral assessment into context with a description of assessment strategies, the research behind those strategies, and their clinical utility, how assessment and conceptualization fit in with treatment planning, and then providing specific hands on clinical advice by disorder. Each disorder or disorder grouping will include a description of the disorder, common presenting complaints by the patient, etiology of the disorder, associated peer, work, and family issues likely to be present, performing a functional assessment of these behaviors, ethical and legal issues, and treatment recommendations.