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Kernel of the Kernel

Concerning the Wayfaring and Spiritual Journey of the People of Intellect (Risala-yi Lubb al-Lubab dar Sayr wa Suluk-i Ulu'l Albab) A Shi'i Approach to Sufism


Kernel of the Kernel is an authoritative work on Sufism from a Shiμ>iμ perspective that is not only fascinating, but also contains much practical advice. In addition to providing a theoretical discussion of spiritual wayfaring, it is also the account of a personal fifty-year spiritual journey by Sayyid Muh|ammad H|usayn T|abaμt \abaμiμ scholar and spiritual master. In Kernel of the Kernel, T|abaμt \abaμism as well as the role of Shiμ>iμ Imams in the spiritual realization of a sincere wayfarer.