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J.K. Lasser'sHomeowner's Tax Breaks

Your Complete Guide to Finding Hidden Gold in Your Home

Subject Income tax deductions -- United States -- Popular works.


There’s Tax Money Hidden in Your Home, and This Book Will Show You Where to Find It! Legitimate tax strategies any homeowner can use to save on taxes Written by a down-to-earth tax expert–so you can easily understand the tax tips presented Beyond the garden-variety deductions for mortgage interest and real estate taxes, J.K. Lasser’s™ Homeowner’s Tax Breaks reveals a treasure chest of tax breaks that any homeowner can use. These include such little-known breaks as getting tax-free rent from a short-term home rental, using the generous $250,000/$500,000 home sale exclusion to shelter gain from the sale of other real estate, and pocketing tax-free mortgage proceeds when trading up to a more expensive home. J.K. Lasser’s™ Homeowner’s Tax Breaks provides a lively, concise, and plain-English explanation of tax rules for homeowners and a discussion of how these rules can be turned to your tax advantage and financial benefit. Critical coverage will show you how to: Make your credit card and car loan interest deductible Boost the amount of your casualty loss deductions Get deductions for household expenses when you have a home office Write off home office equipment such as computers and printers Make commuting costs from home deductible Create tax-free income from renovating your home and selling it at a profit Make your home a retirement nest egg that generates tax-free income from trading down or a reverse mortgage J.K. Lasser–Practical Guides for All Your Financial Needs

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