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Redefining Urban and Suburban America

Evidence from Census 2000

Subject Metropolitan areas -- United States.


The early returns from Census 2000 data have made certain facts plain: cities and suburbs are growing more diverse, the population is aging, and the make-up of households is shifting. There are fewer families with children, and more singles and empty-nesters.Yet regional trends muddy the picture. Communities in the northeast and midwest are generally growing slowly, while those in the south and west are experiencing explosive growth. Some cities are robust, others are distressed. Some suburbs are bedroom communities, others are hot employment centers.Redefining Urban and Suburban America explores these trends and their complexities, along with their implications for the policies and politics shaping metropolitan America.Contributors include Alan Berube (Brookings Institution), William H. Frey (University of Michigan), Edward Glaeser (Harvard University), Robert Lang (Fannie Mae Foundation), John Logan, SUNY-Albany), and Bill Lucy, University of Virginia.

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