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Staying Power

30 secrets invincible executives use for getting to the top-and staying there

Subject Executive ability.


Top professionals reveal the keys to their incredible success What personal and professional attributes seem time and again to propel successful people to the top? Staying Power asks that question of an amazingly diverse group of notable figures. Their answers--often startling, always enlightening--reveal 30 key characteristics that seem to be consistently present in those who experience breakthrough success. They also reveal how the most enduring top executives and public figures keep their careers out of the kinds of business scandals that are dominating today's headlines. Executives from major U.S. companies such as H. Willard Marriott of Marriott International and Jim Parker of Southwest Airlines, as well as such success stories as varied as Bob Dole to Sheryl Crow, reveal the tactics that drove them forward through good times and bad. Both current and aspiring executives can protect their careers by following the book's real-life guidelines for achieving: The Invincible Career Path The Invincible Personality The Invincible Management Style

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