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How to Write a Resume If You Didn't Go to College

Subject Résumés (Employment)


NOW YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A COLLEGE GRADUATE TO GET A GREAT JOB! Fierce competition for jobs makes a quality resume more important than ever if you want to set yourself apart from the pack. But what if you didn't go to college? In this timely book, bestselling career author and consultant Richard Beatty offers specialized real-world advice and real-life sample resumes for non-graduates who understand the power of a great resume. Beatty shows hourly paid earners how to structure a high-impact resume for any job opportunity, covering key components of effective resumes and helping non-graduates market their skills just like graduates do. He offers fundamental resume do's and don'ts, a step-by-step process for gathering the information you need and writing the resume, and sample resumes and cover letters from applicants for a wide variety of positions, including: * construction worker * administrative assistant * mechanic * electrician * clerk * laboratory technician * legal assistant * painter * human resources assistant * research technician * systems administrator * paralegal * executive assistant * computer technician * registered nurse * nursing assistant * office manager * production supervisor * production worker * metal worker * and many more From his years of experience as an employment consultant and as founder of his own successful outplacement firm, Beatty knows that any and every job hunter will benefit from a high-quality resume, regardless of whether or not they went to college. Now, you too can benefit-with the ultimate guide for job hunters who want to promote their other great qualities.

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