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Mechanistic Toxicology

The Molecular Basis of How Chemicals Disrupt Biological Targets

Subject Molecular toxicology.


Reductionism to cellular and molecular mechanisms is one of the cornerstones of modern toxicology, forming the basis for a better understanding of individual toxic effects, and providing an important tool for human risk assessment. Mechanistic Toxicology is a timely textbook that provides an introduction to this important, but often neglected, area within the toxicological sciences. This book gives new insights into the processes and mechanisms underlying the toxicity of chemicals and explains how foreign compounds (drugs, environmental pollutants, industrial chemicals) exert their potentially damaging effects on cells and tissues. Features include: *an extensive number of illustrations, tables and photographs *summaries of the main learning points *question and answer reviews at the end of each chapter Mechanistic Toxicology incorporates recent advances in molecular biology and develops concepts for the reader in a logical way. It also illustrates, using many examples and complementary background information, how a better understanding of these mechanistic pathways helps in estimating potential risk to human health. Ideal for use in undergraduate and graduate classes of pharma-toxicology and environmental toxicology, Mechanistic Toxicology is also a valuable reference for any other readers interested in this subject.

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