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The Detox Revolution

a powerful new program for boosting your body's ability to fight cancer and other diseases

Subject Detoxification (Health)


A breakthrough program for prolonging life and optimizing the body's ability to fight disease through smart nutrition The past decade has seen enormous growth in knowledge about the amazing detoxifying powers of an array of foods such as soy, green tea, and leafy green vegetables. Yet, there is still a great deal of confusion about which foods can really enhance the body's ability to cleanse itself of toxins. Written by one of North America's leading experts on nutrition and disease prevention, The Detox Revolution is an authoritative guide to enhancing the body's ability to cleanse itself of toxins through smart nutrition. It arms readers with a total program for preventing a wide range of diseases, slowing down the aging process, and promoting good health. • Describes the role of nutrition in genetic function and the body's ability to neutralize carcinogens • Provides an easy-to-follow detox program that includes supplements, superfoods, and lifestyle strategies, along with dozens of innovative and delicious recipes • Includes Dr. Slaga's own nutritional supplement formations as well as his favorite health-promoting snack foods • Offers good news for lovers of chocolate, coffee, and other "sinful pleasures"