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Patch Clamping

An Introductory Guide to Patch Clamp Electrophysiology

Subject Patch-clamp techniques (Electrophysiology)


Patch clamping is a widely applied electrophysiological technique for the study of ion channels; membrane proteins that regulate the flow of ions across cellular membranes and therefore influence the physiology of all cells. Patch Clamping aims to cover the basic principles and practical applications of this important technique. Starting with a review of the history of patch clamping, the text then goes on to cover the basic principles, platforms, equipment and environmental control, and will also include coverage of preparation types, recording modes and analysis of results. This book will explain the basic principles and practical application of patch clamp electrophysiology Written in a non-technical style to ensure its broad appeal to novice users Takes a practical approach This self-contained guide provides everything a practising patch clamp electrophysiologist needs to know to master this technique, including an overview of membrane biophysics, standard experimental design, data analysis, and technical concerns

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