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The Play Solution

how to put the fun and excitement back into your relationship

Subject Couples.


Top marriage experts present the first practical guide for using play to add excitement to any intimate relationship Boredom dooms many relationships and often leads to divorce. In their search for the elusive key to happy coupling, the authors of The Play Solution interviewed hundreds of couples and found that the happiest of them agree on one thing: the couple that plays together, stays together. In The Play Solution, relationship experts Jeanette and Robert Lauer draw on their extensive work with couples in marriage support groups and enrichment seminars to offer readers a refreshing new guide to maintaining an exciting and lasting love. Using real-life stories, interactive quizzes, and play-enhancing exercises, this husbandand-wife author team presents: The many benefits of play Simple ways to make time for play The various kinds of play that couples can use to spice up their relationships How to be sure to steer clear of play that is destructive to the relationship A quiz to determine your "play quotient," and much more