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French fiction -- Translations into English.
French fiction. -- fast -- (OCoLC)fst00934302


Purchase of this book includes free trial access to where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: A DRAMA ON THE SEASHORE. To Madame La Princesse Caroline Galitzin De Genthod, Ne'e Comtesse Walewska. Homage And Remembrances Op . The Author. Nearly all young men have a compass with which they delight in measuring the future. When their will is equal to the breadth of the angle at which they open it the world is theirs. But this phenomenon of the inner life takes place only at a certain age. That age, which for all men lies between twenty-two and twenty- eight, is the period of great thoughts, of' fresh conceptions, because it is the age of immense desires. After that age, short as the seed-time, comes that of execution. There are, as it were, two youths, ?the youth of belief, the youth of action; these are often commingled in men whom Nature has favored and who, like Caesar, like Newton, like Bonaparte, are the greatest among great men. I was measuring how long a time it might take a thought to develop. Compass in hand, standing on a rock some hundred fathoms above the ocean, the waves of which were breaking on the reef below, I surveyedmy future, filling it with books as an engineer or builder traces on vacant ground a palace or a fort. The sea was beautiful; I had just dressed after bathing; and I awaited Pauline, who was also bathing, in a granite cove floored with fine sand, the most coquettish bath-room that Nature ever devised for her water-fairies. The spot was at the farther end of Croisic, a dainty little peninsula in Brittany; it was far from the port, and so inaccessible that the coastguard seldom thought it necessary to pass that way. To float in ether after floating on the wave! ? ah! who would not have floated on the future as I did ! Why was I thinking? Whence comes evil? ? who knows! Ideas drop into our hearts or into our heads without consulting...