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Applications of Fourier Transforms to Generalized Functions

Subject Fourier transformations.


The generalized function is one of the important branches of mathematics which has enormous applications in practical fields. In particular its applications to the theory of distribution and signal processing are very much essential. In this computer age, information science plays a very important role and the Fourier transform is extremely significant in deciphering obscured information to be made understandable. The book contains six chapters and three appendices. Chapter 1 deals with the preliminary remarks of Fourier series from general point of view. Chapter 2 is concerned with the generalized functions and their Fourier transforms. Chapter 3 contains the Fourier transforms of particular generalized functions. Chapter 4 deals with the asymptotic estimation of Fourier transforms. Chapter 5 is devoted to the study of Fourier series as a series of generalized functions. Chapter 6 deals with the fast Fourier transforms.Appendix A contains the extended list of Fourier transform pairs.Appendix B illustrates the properties of impulse function.Appendix C contains an extended list of biographical references

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