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Obligation & Commitment


Obligations and Commitment of Library Users

1. Users must observe the University and the Library Announcements.  Failure to do so shall subject the user to the following:

(1) Reminder and warning

(2)  Be asked to leave the library premises

(3) Revocation of the rights to the library services.

(4) CMU personnel and students will be subject to disciplinary penalties.

2. Library users must check for damage of the respective material before checking it out and inform the librarian or library worker about it, otherwise he/she will have to be responsible for the damages after it has been checked out.

3. Library users must be responsible for all of the items he/she has checked out as follows:

3.1 If the material is damaged the user has to pay for the damages or repair or replace it with the same kind or newer one.

3.2 In the case of loss, the user must replace it with the same kind or a newer one plus the overdue fine, if any, according to CMUL Announcements.

3.3 The resource damaged as in 3.1 or lost as in 3.2 that cannot be replaced must be compensated at twice the amount of the cost of that particular item plus the cost involved in the process according to the fee as stated in CMUL Announcements.

4. Some types of services may require the user to pay for it as stated in CMUL Announcements.

5. Users must take care of their personal belongings and the library property.

A user who finds someone suspicious of causing damage to the library assets or property must report it to the librarian or library worker.  If the person is found guilty of causing damage, the CMUL director or an authorized person will proceed to file a law suit against such person.

          Users’ lost items that are found and reported to the library will be kept for one year after announcing for the owners to claim the item(s).  After that the library has the right to do with them as deemed appropriate and the library will bear no responsibility for the damage occurring to such property.

6. Borrowers who have checked out the library resources and failed to return them after the due date will have to pay a fine according to CMUL Announcements.