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Location & Telephone Number


Locations and Telephone Number of Faculty/Institute/Center Libraries




Science and Technology

Faculty of Agriculture

4th Floor, Chaloemphrakiat Building

Tel. 0–5394-4075     FAX 0–5394-4666

Faculty of Science

2nd Floor, 30 Year Science Building

Tel. 0-5394-3319      FAX 0–5394-3394

Faculty of Engineering

Opposite to the Department of Civil Engineering Building

Tel. 0–5394-4116-8   FAX 0-5394-4178

Faculty of Agro-Industry

1st Floor, Faculty of Agro-Industry

Tel. 0–5394-8212      FAX  0-5394-8206

Faculty of Architecture

4th Floor Classroom and Administration Building

Tel. 0–5394-2815      FAX 0–5322-1448

Science and Technology Research Institute

2nd and 3rd Floors, Science and Technology Research Institute Building

Tel. 0–5394-2459 , 0–5394-2460

Health Sciences

Faculty of Pharmacy

5th Floor 20 Year Building

Tel. 0–5394–4433       FAX 0-5322-2844

Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences

3rd Floor, Room 301-303 of the 7-story Building

Tel. 0-5394-5071        FAX 0-5394-5071

Faculty of Pharmacy

3rd Floor, Chaloemphrakiat Building

Tel. 0-5394–4327        FAX  0–5322-4328

Faculty of Nursing

5th Floor, NT Building

Tel. 0–5394–5031        FAX 0–5394-6081

Faculty of Medicine

5th – 8th Floors, Teaching and Learning Building

Tel. 0–5394-5200 , 0-5394-5203

        0–5394–5209 , 0–5394–5290

 FAX 0–5394-5202

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Library and Veterinary Medicine Information Center

Tel. 0–5394–8025         FAX 0–5394-8025

Research Institute for Health Sciences

4th Floor, Research Institute Building

Tel. 0–5394–5055 Ext. 151

Social Sciences and Humanities

Faculty of Fine Arts

2nd Floor Learning and Design Practice Building

Tel. 0–5394–4816        FAX 0-5321-1724

Faculty of Humanities

2nd-3rd Floors, HB 6

Tel. 0–5394–3292        FAX 0-5322-1595

Faculty of Education

Education Building 3

Tel. 0–5394–4228        FAX 0–5394-4251

Faculty of Economics

1st Floor, Economics Building

Tel. 0–5394 -2237       FAX 0-5394-2202

Faculty of Social Sciences

1st Floor, Social Science Building 3

Tel. 0–5394-3517        FAX 0-5321-1724

Faculty of Business Administration

2nd Floor, Business Administration Building

Tel. 0-5394-2123         FAX 0-5389-2201

Social Research Institute

1st Floor, Research Building

Tel. 0-5394-2586         FAX 0-5394-2527

Demonstration School Resources Center

2nd Floor, Building 1, Demonstration School

Tel. 0-5394-1228